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Basic Technical Information

  • The American Petroleum Institute (API) sets minimum requirement of performance standards for lubricants. The performance requirements and test methods are established by vehicle and engine manufacturers and technical societies and trade associations such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and the American Chemistry Council (ACC). This includes running physical, chemical, and performance tests on licensed engine oils and verifying that the API-registered Marks are properly displayed on containers and convey accurate information to consumers.

  • ASTM International leads the way in testing solutions worldwide. The global chemical industry and ASTM International have partnered for more than 100 years. In industries around the world, standard test methods and conformance programs play a vital role in research, production, and environmental safety of products we rely on every day. The testing ensures that finished products manufactured are safe and perform as expected.

  • SAE Viscosity is a measure of engine oil’s flow characteristics, or thickness, at certain temperatures. The low-temperature viscosity (the first number, 5W in 5W-30 engine oil) indicates how quickly an engine will crank in winter and how well the engine oil will flow to lubricate critical engine parts at low temperatures. The high-temperature viscosity (the second number, 30 in a 5W-30 engine oil) provides thickness, or body, for good lubrication at operating temperatures. 

    Operators should always refer to vehicle owner’s manuals to select the proper viscosity oil for the ambient temperature and operating conditions at which the vehicle will be used.

  • About the oil’s performance level for gasoline/petrol and/or diesel engines; The letter “S” followed by another letter (for example, SN) refers to oil suitable for gasoline/petrol engines. The letter “C” followed by another letter and/or number (for example, CI-4) refers to oil suitable for compression/diesel engines. These letters officially stand for “Service” and “Commercial.”

Material Safety Data Sheet

General MSDS are listed at below, and available for your download.
For any that are not listed, please submit request to us.

Lubricants (for Gasoline/Petrol vehicle)

Lubricants (for Compression/Diesel vehicle)

Lubricants (for Motorcycle & Scooter)

Nano Additive

Engine Flush

Antifreeze / Coolant