Brand Names

Brand Name SuperX


Boost Engine Torque & Responses on Continuity Speeding

SuperX, as the brand name describes, aim usages on super extreme engines by boosting torque and effective responses during speed. The core nanotech eco protective treatment that benefits on performance restoration and enhancement for continuity speeding.

Brand Name VPower 2


Maximise Power, Minimal Friction & Maintain Smoothness

The brand, Vpower, focuses on maximising power of engine with minimal friction on parts movement, that resulting extra smoothness for engine’s dynamics. The nanotechnological anti-friction protection, generates coating for smoothest dynamics & maximising engine’s power at its best momentum.

Brand Name Lubrics


Extra Premium Lubrication & Prolonging Engine Lifespan

Lubrics, the premium brand, which focuses on high base oil grade of lubrication for luxury and performance engine. The base characteristics are better flow behaviour of fluid, thermal stability at high temperatures, low freezing point, improved viscosity index and reduced friction under extreme pressure, which are key features in prolonging the engine’s lifespan. 

Brand Name Vortech 1


Maintain Compression Strength & Durability Endurance

Vortech, is the brand that focus on endurance capability for engines that need compression strength and maintain durability for a longer period of time. The focuses are higher boiling point of heat resistance, heavy duty with thermal stability, better resistance to oxidation safeguard and formulated to reduces corrosion and rust. The main of all, cost effective with quality.

Products Range

Motor Oil / Engine Oil

+ Improved Parts Lubrication
+ Maximise Engine Performance
+ Prolonging Engine Lifespan
+ Lower Vehicle Emissions

Nano Additive

+ Engine Dynamic Parts Protection
+ Reduced Fuel Consumption
+ Lowered Engine Vibration Level
+ Restore Engine Efficiency

Engine Flush

+ Remove Deposits Build-Up
+ Keep Clean for New Oil
+ Clear Out Sludge & Gunk
+ Clean Engine Internal Parts

Antifreeze / Coolant

+ Absorb Excess Engine Heat
+ Keep Temperature Stable
+ Protect Rust and Corrosion
+ Prevent Electrolysis