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History of Company

SOLID SKETCH TECHNOLOGY was incorporated in 2014, with the mission to supply “cost effectives” automotive lubricant products with high quality and high specifications to all the end users. We specialize in providing SAE/API/JASO standards of lubricant products for Motorcycle & Scooter, Gasoline/Petrol vehicle and Diesel/Compression vehicle.

We strive to ensure that we provide excellent customer services, best quality products, and to reduce our costs to maintain competitive prices for our OEM partners & associates. In addition, we value the strong partnerships, to grow and benefit together.

Our Strengths

  • Our research & development team are committed to continuously develop best suited, innovative & premium quality automotive lubricants and automotive related products.

  • Our team members are energetic, innovative, dedicated and committed professionals who thrive to provide world class products to our end users.

  • We always provide high quality products complying with internationally accepted quality grade standards, introduced by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Petroleum Institute (API), Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) etc. Our automotive lubricants and automotive related products are pass through number of rigorous quality inspection points throughout the production process in order to ensure superior quality. 

  • We specialize in custom blending of automotive lubricants and automotive related products for OEM partners & associates in automotive sector. All OEM blends are strictly follow international quality standards.

  • Our support team are pride to prompt respond and provide on schedule solutions for our customers, therefore we are always remained competitive and agile in the industry.

  • Our team implements a distributor rollout program designed to select capable business distributors and partners for all territories nationwide and worldwide associates.

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Our Vision



To supply premium and high performance automotive lubricant products



To be a one-stop automotive lubricant products provider with competitive price



To stay connected and answer technical questions promptly

Products Range

Motor Oil / Engine Oil

+ Improved Parts Lubrication
+ Maximise Engine Performance
+ Prolonging Engine Lifespan
+ Lower Vehicle Emissions

Nano Additive

+ Engine Dynamic Parts Protection
+ Reduced Fuel Consumption
+ Lowered Engine Vibration Level
+ Restore Engine Efficiency

Engine Flush

+ Remove Deposits Build-Up
+ Keep Clean for New Oil
+ Clear Out Sludge & Gunk
+ Clean Engine Internal Parts

Antifreeze / Coolant

+ Absorb Excess Engine Heat
+ Keep Temperature Stable
+ Protect Rust and Corrosion
+ Prevent Electrolysis