Premium Engine Lubricant
High-Performance Motor Oil
Nano Additive / Anti-Freeze Coolant / Engine Flush

Our Business

To provide “automotive lubricant” for all types of vehicles with gasoline/petrol and diesel/compression engine.

Our Mission

To supply “cost effectives” automotive lubricant with high quality and high specifications to all end users.

Be Our Partner

We value the partnerships we have forged over the years, giving both parties opportunity to grow and benefit together.

Nano Additive

Special Shield Engine Protection

Reduce Friction by 200%
Improve Fuel Efficiency
Save Maintenance Costs
Prolong Engine Life-Span

Product Brands

Thinking on OEM of Our Products?

We provide One-Stop OEM solution with wide range of automotive lubricant products & services including base oil storage, laboratory testing services, packaging designs and selections, oil blending & filling, warehousing and logistic arrangement.